In honor of Eco Fashion Week, I’m dedicating each post that I write this week to another fashionable, and eco-friendly, internet resource. The first one that I’d like to highlight is Depop.


If you live in Europe, you may have already heard of Depop. However, this app for Android and iPhone is a relatively new phenomenon elsewhere in the world. And if you haven’t heard of Depop and you love fashion, you’ve got to get on it right now.
I recently first heard of the app from some of my favourite fashion vloggers, The Fashion Citizen. The app was conceived as a place to buy and sell items, and the interface makes it feel like an Instagram where everything is for sale. But for some reason, there’s not a lot on there (that I’ve seen, at least) that isn’t fashion.
And there are some big names you use Depop. You can buy cool girl clothes from Nylon, quirky pieces from Dita Von Teese, and high end labels from fashion bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni.
All of this means that Depop is a great place to sell your unwanted fashion pieces, as well as to buy used fashion pieces at discounted prices or to come across hard to find or unique pieces. It all adds up to a great way to recycle fashion, keeping it out of landfills and lining your pockets with cash to boot!

My Depop

Since I just discovered Depop myself, my account is empty right now. But no worries, friends! I have a whole bunch of garments from the past few seasons that I definitely going to post up for sale soon. In the meantime, you can follow me on Depop! My user name is swilson4995. Hope to see you there! 🙂
Stay tuned for more eco fashion online resources tomorrow!


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