Hey, kids! So I am working on another video that I will have up for you later today, but I just had to share this little piece of news with you.

If you’re in the Toronto area this weekend, you should definitely check out the pop-up shopping event Made Inland.

Basically a showcase for emerging Canadian designers, the two-day show features small batch and locally made designs. Music to my ears!

If the clothes and accessories on offer look anything like the pieces curated on the Made Inland website, the fashions promise to be simple, minimalistic, clean and classic.

I sadly won’t be in Toronto this coming weekend, since I’m going next weekend (May 9-10). But you should check it out if you can, or plan with me to attend the show this coming September! Something to look forward to!

In the meantime, here’s some other upcoming local fashion and beauty events in TO:

Sample Sales (many happening this weekend!)

Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Fashion Show and Fundraiser
The Spongebob Design Challenge Fashion Show

Bellwoods Flea
Leslieville Flea
Junction Flea
Parkdale Flea

In or around New York City and into sustainable fashion? Definitely check out this class coming up June 3rd.

Across Canada:

This coming Monday, Value Village has a 50% sale day. Will you be there? I will!


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