I have another backlogged YouTube video for you, and with this one I believe that I’m all caught up! And this one will be one of the very last hauls that I’ll have for you that is not #consciousfashion. From here on in it’s all resale, vintage, upcycled and eco-friendly designers!

But before I get to that, I wanted to introduce something new to this blog. After I posted my Event Alert post yesterday, I was thinking about all the #consciousfashion and #betterbeauty events that I know about. And so I’ve decided to put them all on a Google Calendar for you!
So far, it’s only got events that are in and around Toronto, with a couple from NYC thrown in for good measure. But please, if you know of any related events in your neck of the woods, let me know about them and I’ll add them to the calendar. My audience is global, so you never know who might be interested!
I’m aiming to release the calendar at the beginning of each month, but I’ll be continuously adding to it. So look at here or add it to your own calendar app. The choice is yours! Here it is for May:

And here’s my video!


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