My last haul that is not #consciousfashion: Forever 21 Clearance Sale Online

This week I’ve got one more haul for you to see. I filmed it a week ago, when my computer was on the fritz, so that’s why the lighting is bad, the quality is bad, etc. etc.

This is going to be my last clothing haul ever that does not evolve #consciousfashion. By that I mean that I am done with fast fashion, I am done with unsustainable style, and I am done with exploitative labour practices. In the future, when I film hauls, they will be of clothing and accessories that are resale, thrifted, vegan, and/or made by eco-friendly designers or clothing companies that have supply chain transparency and fair labour practices. In short, they will be #haulternatives. Because the world does not need another mainstream haul video!

But I did make these particular purchases before I made up my mind about the above resolution, and so they are from fast fashion giant Forever 21:

Say goodbye to clothing hauls, my friends!


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