I’ve decided that I’m only going to do Haulternatives from now on when it comes to clothes (and I suppose, in a way, beauty as well).

What’s a Haulternative? It’s an idea that came around this past Fashion Revolution Day, and it encompasses any clothing haul that is eco-friendly, sustainable, pro-fair trade or fair labour. It includes buying vintage, resale, using fashion rental services or buying transparently made investment pieces rather than fast fashion.

I’ve run with the idea because I don’t think it should just be a once-a-year thing. I don’t want to just play lip service to the idea of Conscious Fashion — I want to live it!

Here’s my Haulternative for Spring 2015:

(Wow, I was timid last year!!! Good thing I got over that!)

Have you switched to Haulternatives? Are you considering it? Let me know in the comments below!


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