Lululemon crops on left, $86 USD. Green Apple Free Flow Block Capri on right, $60 USD. 

It’s been about a year and a half since Lululemon exploded into various scandals involving pilling pants, offensive remarks about women’s bodies, and see-through pants. And although it was shocking that a business that has made their money off of women’s fitness would treat their customers with such distain, it seems as though Lululemon isn’t going away any time soon.

Switch Lululemon

But on top of their attitude towards womens’ diverse bodies and their “designed in Vancouver, made in China” indication that they don’t care about the health of the workers who produce their goods, there’s another reason that I will no longer be supporting Lululemon: a little thing called microplastic.

Plastics in Lululemon are harmful. Green Apple Active uses bamboo

Did you know that the Pacific ocean has a large pile of garbage floating in it? And that most of that garbage, along with other contaminants in all of our oceans, is made up of microplastics? Microplastics are microscopic threads that coming from washing and wearing nylon, polyester and spandex clothing. Small fish mistakenly eat microplastics, and when those small fish get eaten by bigger fish (such as tuna), the threads end up back in the food chain and ultimately make their way into our bodies.

It’s a big problem, and it’s yet to be addressed. One of big sources of microplastics are the threads from active wear. And most of Lululemon’s pieces are made with Lycra — a brand-name spandex.

For Green Apple Active

Bamboo is a sustainable resource
Bamboo Forest

That’s why I’m going to opt for apple over lemon from now on. Small companies like Green Apple offer alternatives to active wear made from plastics. Green Apple produces clothing made from certified organic, forest-growing vegan bamboo — a sustainable, fast-growing resource that also happens to be biodegradable. What this means is that when you wash and wear articles of clothing made from bamboo, the microscopic threads they shed will break down as they enter the oceans.

But besides all the doom and gloom, Green Apple offers beautiful activewear at a price point lower than Lululemon. Their bamboo athletic pieces are breathable, anti-bacterial and deodorizing.

And no body shaming here! Not only have I seen yogis twisted into pretzels modeling their pieces on the shop site — but women of different ages, backgrounds, and body types. It’s a breath of fresh air from the nauseating constraints presented by some other activewear companies I know!

*Click here for more information about World Oceans Day*

What are you doing to celebrate World Oceans Day? I’d love to read about it in the comments!


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