Urban Outfitters BDG Slim Boyfriend Jean Slashed on left, $79 USD. Urban Renewal Super-Destroyed Levis Jeans on right, $89 USD.

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another Conscious Fashion Swaps. Today’s swap is going to be controversial, but whether or not you agree with the intentions behind the Urban Renewal brand, I’m still going to file it under a sustainable style option.

Switch Urban Outfitters

I was inspired to do this swap while watching one of my favourite sustainable style vlogger, My Green Closet. In her Green Summer Favourites video,  Alden Wicker From Ecocult talks about Urban Renewal, a brand from Urban Outfitters that I’d never heard about.

Now, Urban Renewal is not without push back. Apparently the assortment of clothing offered are often pieces from yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores that are passed off as vintage and marked up considerably.

For Urban Renewal

I can see the point. However, if you are the kind of shopper who hates shopping second hand, wants trendy, curated pieces that do not smell like someone else, loves Urban Outfitters but wants to shop more ethically and sustainability, Urban Renewal is perfect for you.

Switch Urban Outfitters for Urban Renewal

I think the real worry that shoppers should have when it comes to Urban Outfitters is not that they are ripping us off by selling us pieces we could find on our own. I think the real issue is the fact that on their conventional side, they are marking up items that have been produced through child labour.

I believe, as Alden Wicker points out in the video, that corporations such as Urban Outfitters will only respond to consumer wants and needs when their profits are pressured. So by switches your UO purchases from their conventional to their sustainable side of things, you’ll help send the message that child labor is not an acceptable practice for clothing companies to participate in. It’s definitely what I’m going to do from now on!


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