Cali Bodysuit by Guess on left, $88 USD. Selena Bodysuit by Reformation on right, $78 USD.

Monday means another Conscious Fashion swap, and today I’ve got a good one for you. Everyone who’s obsessed with fashion has seen Chiara Ferragni plus dozens of other insta-fashion it girls in the Reformation Avalon bodysuit. But did you know that Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand?

Switch Guess

Right out, the Rainforest Action Network is targeting Ralph Lauren with a social media blitz to call out the company’s participation in deforestation. But Guess is another clothing company that relies on clear-cutting to produce rayon and viscose needed for its huge volume of fashion pieces.

Unfortunately, Guess is a unique brand that has a very firm aesthetic. So what’s a fashion addict like me to do, if I want to add a little sass to my closet without devastating the environment?

To Reformation

On the other hand, Reformation sources its fabrics from local and domestic sources as well as vintage fabrics. They produce most of their pieces in house, in their Los Angeles-based factory. From their building choices to the way they hire employees and run their business, Reformation has sustainability in mind.

But let’s talk about the clothes. Whether you’re a die-hard Guess fan or an occasional adherent like me, you will love Reformation’s aesthetic. Like a sweet but sassy appeal, their collection of limited edition pieces include lots of peek-a-boo surprises, floral prints for summer, and feminine silhouettes. There’s a reason many pieces have waitlists!

But that’s part of what makes fashion so desirable, isn’t it? Large companies such as Guess would want to make it seem as though they have a scarcity of pieces, marking them up even though they participate in a similar manufacturing model and supply chain as your $6.50 Forever 21 piece. But in reality, they produce tons of garments.

If you buy sustainable pieces, however, it’s likely your favourite dress or bodysuit is one of a handful of the same, making it truly special. And isn’t expressing individuality want we really want out of our clothes?


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