Hey, kids! I’ve finally got Part 2 of my Creating a Sustainable Fall Wardrobe series. A couple weeks ago we gathered inspiration from fall fashion trends, and now it’s time to organize our closets!

I like to use closet organization flow charts to figure out what to do with my pieces. But since thrift stores are already overloaded with fast fashion cast-offs, I’ve proposed that you and I try some other tactics when it comes to items that don’t fit into our lives anymore.

I’m going to try and sell some of my items. I like using Depop for its Instagram-like functionality, but you can also try thredUP, Threadflip, Poshmark and Trend Truck in Canada.

If you have designer pieces to sell, you can also try Vestiaire CollectiveVaunte, or The RealReal

Or if you’d rather, you can try a swap! Some great sites include Swapdom, Swap Style, Dig ‘N’ Swap, Rehash, and Swapidu.

If you do decide to donate clothes, just make sure that they’re not going to waste. One great way of doing this is to donate office wear that no longer fits but is in good quality to Dress For Success. I’m sure there are other great NGOs to donate clothes to, like kids’ snowsuit drives or prom dress drives. I’ll definitely be looking up these resources for you in the weeks to come. But the point is for us all to be thoughtful about where our cast-offs end up.


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