Because of Labour Day yesterday, I’ve left off my Better Beauty Swap this week. I’ll be back with a new one next week. But this week marks the beginning of Fashion Month, with New York Fashion Week starting in a couple days. And so today I’ve got a Conscious Fashion Swap for you that’s unlike any I’ve done before.

Switch New York Fashion Week

While other fashion weeks around the world, such as London or Copenhagen Fashion Week, have at least made a nod to sustainability, New York Fashion Week has yet to do so. The environmental impacts that fashion, as the third (or second, depending on who you ask) most polluting industry in world, should be at the very least recognized, but at New York Fashion Week they are ignored in favour of glamorous celebrity and distracting street style stars.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have this problem at all. In a semi-perfect world, New York could be the host to a fashion week that featured some of the amazing eco brands and designers that are emerging today. Am I the only one who dreams of a catwalk that features looks from Master & Muse, Modavanti, and BreeLayne (who I featured last week)? And what about that capsule collection from Erdem and Livia Fifth? There are dozens more brands and designers based in New York City who deserve a spot on a (so far prospective) green runway.

Once upon a time this did happen. Back in 2012, the Green Shows highlighted sustainability during Fashion Week. But in 2015 in New York, this needs to be more than just a shadow-show. Sustainable fashion is long past due taking over the spotlight.

For Trashion Fashion Show

But while we wait for that dream to become a reality, there’s always Trashion Fashion Shows for you to watch.

Unfortunately, the 2015 season is over. 😦

It’s a frustrating and sad fact that while the world turns its eyes to New York, London, Milan and Paris this month for their high fashion fix, most of the fashionable alternative events and initiatives that I found during my research have all ended for 2015.

In the meantime, Trashion Fashion, a set of shows that aim to turn trash into wearable art gear up for their 2016 season. They show not only in New York City but also in DC, Connecticut and Toronto.

In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see highlights from past shows and keep tabs are the 2016 season. I am definitely going to attend one of these shows next year, instead of indulging in the NYFW hoopla!

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