Photos by Aveda at left and Jason Hargrove at right, CC 2.0

Welcome to the final few days of fashion month’s finale, Paris Fashion Week! And as exciting as it can be, between taking place and the City of Light and the latest models and Cirque du Soleil mashup happening at Chanel, there’s not much in the way of sustainable standouts during this final week.

Luckily, for those of us with an equal eye on not only aesthetics but also ethics, there is another fashion week all for us. Since Paris Fashion Week is the ultimate in terms of style, I thought I’d switch them, this week, for the ultimate in eco-friendly style: Eco Fashion Week!

Switch Paris Fashion Week

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, there are only a handful of British designers who have an eye (or half an eye) on sustainability when they produce their collections. And coincidentally, some of these (Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood) show in Paris.

However, this is the only bright spot when it comes to ethical fashion and Paris. The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin that I covered last week used to take place in Paris but since it’s moved there’s little left in the Fashion’s capital that isn’t overly decadent and represents over-the-top consumption

For Eco Fashion Week

In Vancouver every April, there’s a fashion week for ecochic among us.

Founded in 2009, Eco Fashion Week is run by a non-profit organization in the hopes that offering a more sustainable runway will help guide the fashion industry towards a better way. Runway shows are of course the most exciting, glamorous events. But the week also includes keynote speakers and designer challenges such as the Value Village 68lb Challenge. This past spring, a screening of The True Cost was included as part of the week.

The next Eco Fashion Week will take place this coming April 9 to 14, 2016 and to say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Even the fact that the website has recently flipped from showcasing last spring’s content to a mysterious “coming soon” splash page has me excited.

Because for me, Eco Fashion Week represents a truly innovative and disruptive future for fashion. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next April, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that for the shows, sustainable designers will be able to partner with eco-savvy beauty brands for their hair and make-up looks!

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