Obscure Couture NYX Rainbow Tye Dye Leggings at left, $88 USD.
Hoverstuff Leggings in Graffiti Print at right, $78.43 USD.

Now that Fashion Month has come and gone, I wanted to do something a little different with my weekly Conscious Fashion Swap. I’ve been hearing about the online shop Dolls Kill for months now as a purveyor of all that is off-beat, quirky and hard-to-find in the fashion world. But what they don’t offer is ethical fashion. Luckily, this past week I found a quirky shop that does.

Switch Dolls Kill

Don’t get me wrong: I love some of the stuff sold on Dolls Kill. Like Modcloth, it’s a solely online shop and also like Modcloth, it sells clothing that speaks to a very specific aesthetic. When you’re sick of flared jeans and the latest mall offerings of plaid, Dolls Kill will be there to satisfy your craving for goth or kawaii duds. And come each spring if you’re headed to a festival you know where you can find the quirkiest gear.

However, there is no information on their website about where Dolls Kill obtains all of the unique pieces it sells. And as much as I love designers such as Irregular Choice, all this supply chain opacity can only mean one thing: that it’s possible these garments won’t last even as long as your goth girl phase.

For Helpsy

Like many of the multi-designer ethical fashion shops that I’ve featured on this blog, on Helpsy you can shop according to ‘qualities’ — another name for specific ethics such as handmade, local production, cruelty-free, recycled or upcycled, just to name a few.

But what really sets Helpsy apart is that while most other ethical shops feature boho-chic or eco luxe fashion brands, Helpsy offers up a heap of quirky fare. I mean, if Ryan Gosling face suspended in vegan soap isn’t your bag, how about a sweatshirt with Betty White’s face? No? A tee featuring a pegasus with a cat face maybe? Or perhaps if you’re already a fan of Dolls Kill for their goth wear, a perfect Wednesday Addams dress?

The point is, ethical fashion should not just be for the mega rich, the aging hippies and faux yoginis. Helpsy is such a great site because it speaks to the very nature of this blog: that being conscious about where our fashion comes from and how it was made should not be limited to a handful of styles and/or budgets. Everyone, no matter what your tastes, should be able to access high-quality, ethically-made garments!

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