Hey, kids! Today I’m wearing some massive flares from the last Forever 21 purchase I ever made. It was an online Forever 21 sale last spring, right before I committed to transition my fashion purchases to sustainable ones. No links since Forever 21 is quite arguably the least ethical fashion brand in the world today (OK, OK, next to Joe Fresh).

Speaking of Joe Fresh, that’s where I got this vegan leather jacket about three years old. Also not sustainable, besides the fact that I will wear it until it falls apart. I know I’m being a broken record here, but it’s always better to use/wear what you have rather than tossing it to start over. Too bad this piece is plastic and thus will be hanging around the environment for millennia.

The sustainable pieces here are the white sleeveless turtleneck and the granny chic tapestry bag that were both thrifted. My to-go is usually Value Village.

But the bag came from Bibles for Missions Thrift Store.

Face of the Day

Outfit of the Day | That '70s Flare

Aside from the usual Toxic 10 Pan products that I’m trying to get rid of, here’s what I’m wearing on my face today:

Pure Anada Petal Perfect Lipstick in Ruby
100% Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pink Plum
Pure Anada Eyeshadow in Cameo

How do you like my dancing OOTD videos? And what are you wearing today??! 🙂


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