Hey, kids! Today I’m wearing a classic trench that I found at the thrift store. Specifically, Value Village, where today they have a 50% off sale (in Canadian stores).

I’m also wearing a pair of black semi-opaque tights, and some black pumps and a skirt from guess where? Joe Fresh. I used to be obsessed with Joe Fresh before Rana Plaza, so anything I still have in my wardrobe from that unsustainable and unethical brand I will wear until it falls apart.

But the real treat in this outfit is the Hello Kitty T-shirt surprise that I also got from Value Village. I do love Hello Kitty, but I will not buy newly made Hello Kitty merchandise. Nope, not going do it! Going to get mine from the thrift store.

Face of the Day:

Aside from the usual Toxic 10 Pan products that I’m trying to get rid of, here’s what I’m wearing on my face today:

Ilia Lipstick in Linger (mixed with Suncoat’s Magic Mauve, which no longer exists)
100% Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pretty Naked
Pure Anada Eyeshadow in Meadow

What are you wearing today? And where do you source ethical fashion from? I’d love to know so leave it in the comments below!!


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