Hey, kids! Today I’ve got a multiple outfit video for you that was specifically requested: how to wear patterned tights!

I don’t own too many patterned tights of my own, and all of mine are fairly low-key patterns, but the tips I have here will be similar for any patterned tights that you own!

Can you guess which pieces I have that are sustainable? Here are my thrift shops finds:

  • Legit vintage ’70s style wool & fur coat in camel. I’m thinking of giving it to Coats for Cubs — what do you think?
  • Faux fur black coat with silver sparkles
  • Grey French Connection UK sweater with ‘yarn ball’ shoulder detail
  • Black pencil skirt with snowflake-like pattern
  • Black and neon yellow pumps
  • Deep brown Loft dress
  • Brown ankle boots with buckle detail
  • Leopard print tee from H&M
  • Olive green Jessica Simpson sweater dress

Check out one of my faves, Value Village, for treasures like these ones.

Anything I still have in my wardrobe from that unsustainable and unethical brand I will wear until it falls apart. I shopped my closet for:

  • Betsey Johnson black chandelier tights (gift)
  • Emerald statement necklace (from Winners)
  • Colour block purse (from Missguided)
  • Harlequin patterned tights (from Winners)
  • BCBG black strappy pumps (from Winners)
  • Red and black dress with keyhole detail (from the Bay — although I have the same in blue from the thrift store — so no need, really for the big box and department stores!)
  • H&M grey crochet beret
  • Purple cross-body purse with stud details (from Winners)
  • Brown paisley patterned tights (from the Bay)
  • Brown heeled oxfords (from Spring)
  • Green thermal shirt (from Joe Fresh)
  • Black belt (from Danier — gift)
  • Leopard print ankle boots (from Walmart)
  • Leopard print fleece lined tights (from Winners)


How to wear patterned tights

Face of the Day

Here’s the Clean (Toxin-free) makeup that I’m wearing:

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Cherry (outfit 1)
Kari Gran Lip Whip in Marsala (outfit 2-4)
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pink Plum
100% Blackest Creamy Long Last Liner
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea


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