2016 Trends with a Twist | Denim on Denim OOTD

Hey, kids! Today I've got a twist on one of the trends that's been forecast for Spring 2016 -- Denim on Denim. I'm a little afraid of this trend, personally, so I put my own twist on it with some florals!! Check it out: It's really interesting to me to see which items I own … Continue reading 2016 Trends with a Twist | Denim on Denim OOTD


Rose Quartz | Ethical OOTD

Hey, kids! Today I've got a warm outfit that's inspired by other seasons! My sweater is Rose Quartz, one of the Pantone colours of the year for 2016. And of course I had to throw in some florals to lift my mood a little during this cold month. Check it out: Here's what I am … Continue reading Rose Quartz | Ethical OOTD

Thrift Haul | Ethical Fashion

Hey, kids! I picked up some pieces at the Value Village Supersavers 50% off sale this past Sunday! Check 'em out! By the way, those shoes are not Guess but Guess by Marciano. I looked up some of the booties that the brand currently has on the market, and if the website is any guide, … Continue reading Thrift Haul | Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical Fashion?

Fashion can be a fascinating industry and debatably, a realm of visual art. But concerns around fashion's impact on our lives are just gaining speed, behind concerns related to the beauty industry. It would seem to me that this is because while beauty and personal care products have direct impacts on each of our personal … Continue reading What is Ethical Fashion?

Unseasonable Warmth | Ethical OOTD

 Hey, kids! So it was 8 degrees Celsius here the other day and raining. Practically spring-like! Very unusual for this part of Canada. Most years January is snowy and about -25 degrees Celsius. So I thought I'd use the opportunity to don an outfit that is probably a little cold for most Januarys, but works … Continue reading Unseasonable Warmth | Ethical OOTD

Winter White | Sustainable OOTD

Hey, kids! Another wintery OOTD for you! I love white, bright colours and pastels in the winter. Am I just being contrary? What do you think? Here's the video: Here's what I am wearing that is sustainable: Thrifted Faux Fur (my favourite one!) Thirfted sleeveless turtleneck top Thirfted shoes I love checking out Value Village … Continue reading Winter White | Sustainable OOTD