Hey, kids! Another wintery OOTD for you! I love white, bright colours and pastels in the winter. Am I just being contrary? What do you think?

Here’s the video:

Here’s what I am wearing that is sustainable:

  • Thrifted Faux Fur (my favourite one!)
  • Thirfted sleeveless turtleneck top
  • Thirfted shoes

I love checking out Value Village on their 50% sale days for finds like these.

Anything I still have in my wardrobe from that unsustainable and unethical brand I will wear until it falls apart. I should add that I can’t really link any of these pieces, since they are all old. And you know where you can find old stuff? Thirfting again! Yay!

I shopped my closet for:

  • Sunnies from Target (back when they were in Canada)
  • Purse from Winners
  • Pixie cropped pant from Old Navy
  • Watch from Ricki’s
  • Necklace also from the now defunct Canadian Target

And here’s my FOTD — Clean (Toxin-free) makeup that I’m wearing:

Winter White FOTD | Sense of Aesthetic

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