Hey, kids! Today I’ve got something stereotypically Parisienne chic. This is definitely not an outfit that I could wear outside where I live (Ontario) this time of year, but I guess I have spring fever lately. Stay tuned for more spring outfits in the coming weeks!

Here’s what I am wearing that is ethical:

  • Thrifted skirt
  • Thrifted shoes
  • Thrifted Trench (I believe all three came from Value Village)
  • Necklace from Kind Exchange, a resale chain in Toronto.

Anything I still have in my wardrobe from that unsustainable and unethical brand I will wear until it falls apart. I shopped my closet for:

  • Fleece lined tights from Winners, I think.
  • Top from Forever 21.

I’ll have info on my makeup later this week, when I’m planning on posting a makeup tutorial of this look!

What other OOTDs would you like to see? Spring? Winter? Let me know in the comments!


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