Hey, kids! Today I’ve got a red lip makeup tutorial using only healthy, safe products that will not make you toxified! YAY!

Here are the toxin-free products I used in the video:

Will you try this look? Do you have any natural beauty tips or tricks of your own? Let me know all about them in the comments below!!

2 thoughts on “Classic Red Lip | Clean Beauty Tutorial

  1. Scrolling through some of your past posts here, Steph … I do love this classic red lip look! Yep, I think I'll give it a try. I learned the lipstick mattifying/fixing trick of applying powder over the lipstick *through a tissue*… never occurred to me to apply the powder directly! Good tip.
    I use Pure Anada's “Coast” brow powder too and, funny, even though my colouring is warmer than yours, I've been thinking lately that it's a bit too much on the reddish side for my brows as well. Maybe we should both try their “Cliff” shade instead! It's supposed to be on the cooler/ashy-er side.
    Great tutorial: thanks!


  2. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, it's funny because before this I was using Pure Anada's Coast and doing just fine. Then I DIY'ed some studio lights specifically for makeup tutorials and now I can see that it's really too on the reddish side for me. Cliff sounds good! Right now I am using Alima Pure's eyeliner in Patina as a brow pencil. Why not, right? Anyways, video lightning is really unforgiving!!! 😛


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