Hey, kids! Today marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, one of the biggest industrial disaster ever to happen in the fashion industry. And so, every year on April 24, the group Fashion Revolution urges us to ask big fast fashion who made our clothes? It’s a difficult topic to talk about. Here’s a video that does better justice to the lives lost than I can.

Fashion Revolution Week Logo | Sense of Aesthetic

But we’re also encouraged to switch our hauls for haulternatives. To forgo fast fashion and instead choose investment pieces, swaps, second hand fashion, reconstructed, upcycled or modified garments. Click here for their haulternative how-to.

For my haulternative, I went to a recent Value Village 75% off pants and jeans sale, found  a pair of jeans that fit nicely (and cost $3), and took down the hem to make them more of the moment. I also picked up a pair of $3 sunglasses. If you’re looking for the rock bottom prices of fast fashion, you cannot beat thrift shops. Plus, I love the creativity that thrift shopping can allow for. Every shape, every color is there. It’s where the cool kids shop!

I also have been supporting Starch Slides on social media ever since I discovered them about six months ago. And so I was beyond excited when I won an Instagram giveaway they had to celebrate the launch of their new collection. These shoes are so casual chic and easy to wear. If you’re a J.Crew addict but feeling weird about their supply chain, you have to check out Starch Slides. Every collection is unique and handmade, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

Did you participate in Fashion Revolution Week this year? I’d love to hear what you did to commemorate this important date!


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