Ethics & Aesthetics

I believe that we all have a unique Sense of Aesthetic.

What we find beautiful, appealing, fashionable or stylish is unique to each of us. I believe that having a sense of aesthetic is a distinctly human trait, and one that we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

My name is Stephanie Wilson, and I am fashion obsessed. I love dressing up, putting on a full face of makeup, and feeling confident enough to be myself, or any other identity I’d like to try on.

But for the longest time, I felt that I needed to hide my love of fashion. I thought that my love for all things cute, stylish, or beautiful was a frivolous failing that I, as an intelligent woman who wanted to be taken seriously, needed to repress.

And then one day I realized something: revelling in the world’s beauty is an essential part of the human experience. Finding joy in pretty clothes and gorgeously coloured makeup isn’t frivolous, it isn’t wrong…unless those interests become unethical.

I believe that ethical aesthetics should be for everyone. You don’t have to have loads of cash to care about what you put on your body. You don’t have to be into granola to wonder where your products came from.

I’ve always been a bit of an outsider. In high school, I hung out with the band geeks. I guess you could say that I was that kind of nerd…except I never quiiiiiite fit in with them. And I still dance to the beat of my own drumer.

As much as I love all things girly, flowery and glamorous, I also have a punk rock side. I love playing with all the colors, all the patterns, and all the trends. I guess you could call me a chameleon.

So when I think about conscious fashion, I view it from that outsider’s perspective. I want conscious fashion for the outcasts like me. For the chameleons, the unicorns. The vamps, queens, rebels, and the bad ass bitches. For every skin tone and type, for every budget, and for every gender identity.

If your favorite color is rainbow and your fave holiday Halloween, if you love your black lipstick as much as your nude one, then I’m here to make you a conscious fashion believer!

Conscious Fashion

I’ve had a love affair with fashion for a very long time. I love getting dressed up, watching fashion shows, and reading high fashion magazines such as Vogue.

However, while following Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week in April 2014, I learned for the first time about just how harmful to workers and to the environment the fashion industry can be. Since then, I’ve made a personal commitment to only buy clothing that is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and based on fair trade and fair labour practices.

Ideally, being conscious about my fashion choices means that I take environmental impacts, body images, and labour practices into account.

When I use the tag #ConsciousFashion on this blog or on my social media feeds, however, I may be referring to any or all of these factors.

High Style

In contrast to high fashion, I want us to explore High Style together. I want to prove to you that glamour doesn’t have to be toxic, and being conscious about our fashion choices doesn’t have to mean that we have to sacrifice style.

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