Design Forward 2016 | Fashion Takes Action

On June 16th, I attended my first conscious fashion show, Design Forward 2016. Organized by Fashion Takes Action, the show was an exercise in proving that sustainable and conscious designers create garments that are beautiful as well as ethical. Fashion Takes Action is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and the show they curated and presented was … Continue reading Design Forward 2016 | Fashion Takes Action


Casually Chic | Ethical OOTD

Hey, kids! Today I decided to wear something kind of inspired by the recent J.Crew FW2016 Presentation in NYC. Did you check it out? The great thing about J.Crew is that it's so eclectic and yet timelessly chic that you can easily capture its style with thrifted, vintage and other ethically derived pieces! Here's what … Continue reading Casually Chic | Ethical OOTD