Collaborate & Advertise
I am open to collaborating with other bloggers as well as brands. I am also open to guest blogging, writing sponsored posts, and hosting ads on my blog. However, I do have strict guidelines in regards to companies and blogs that I partner with. If you:
  • design and/or produce sustainably made, eco-friendly or fair wage/fair trade fashions
  • have a sustainable style blog either as an individual or as a brand or company and would like me to write a guest post, or would like to be featured as a guest blogger on Sense of Aesthetic

Then I would be happy to hear from you!

For all inquiries and collaborations, or to find out how you can advertise on this blog, Email Me at

Guest Posts that I’ve written for websites and blogs include:

For The Well Blog (

Cold Weather Skin Care (October 2015)
The Best Natural Back to School Snacks (September 2015)
5 Green Fall Beauty Essentials (August 2015)

For the Choosy Chick:

Still Afraid of Facial Oils? Why You’re Missing Out! (August 2015)

For Safe & Chic:

Clean Beauty Routine | Common Chemicals to Avoid (July 2015)